1. By you put

Create positive and repetitive impacts. Without an aim of clear business and defined, the emspresa can lose the course. Fix put, achieve them and add new objective. A good put is to sell more, but what matters is to win more.

2. By Methods

It is necessary to choose and implement the suitable strategies. Be meticuloso in the follow-up of the actions to execute. The method is the road to achieve objective.

3. By Reaction

Analyse of permanent way the mercadeo and the surroundings if something fails, the company has to be able to win adversities, employed with capacity to operate diverse teams and do different activities, are a good start.

4. By inspiration

Promote the creativity of the collaborators. The best ideas can generate from any part of the pyramid of the company. In occasions. The imagination is more important that the knowledge.

5. By competition

Be attentive to the activities of our competitors. The one who does not know to his competition does not know his market.

6.  By persistence

Have vision to create projects to average and long term. Measure small put of advance. The good businesses do not give  overnight.

7.  By Application of technologies

Invest in technology is to the day of today almost an obligation in our industry. In the measure of the possible, it is necessary modernizar processes to accelerate and improve production.

8.  By Innovation

Be the first in penetrating new markets. Transmit new knowledges and products. Do what the competition does not do. The base of  the innovation is to create or modify.

9.  By strategic Alliances

Join, in place to divide. Promote relations of businesses with companies of other industries, with providers, with companies of the same twist, and because no, with competitors.

10. By sinergia of team

Fomentar The work in team and engaged of all the personnel. Fix objective to reward put productive and of results.

By Luis Enrique Reinoso Vilches