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In Colombia, around 9.000 companies of graphic arts loan different services. Four are the big categories that give him an order to the sector and divide it in packagings and labels, advertising and commercial, editorial, periodic and magazines.


However, to have a better panorama of the graphic industry it is necessary to consider that the process of the impression of anything –from a card to a book- has behind a titanic productive chain that includes from the companies that commission  to manufacture the paper, going through the author of the content, until companies of design and advertising that moldean the final product.

Jenny Miranda clears the panorama: “the chain of the national graphic industry is composed by providers of insumos and material that are papers and inks, by the providers of technology, by the companies that transform the materials and insumos in graphic products printed matter or digital, by the sectors that cost  of the graphic products to commercialise his commodities”

Trends of the Market

Alejandro Ortiz, studious of the subject and manager of solutions of production of Xerox. It alludes to the reality of the national market. “In Colombia, there are two marked trends; on the one hand, the companies of traditional impression and by another,  the companies that are opening  to the digital world. What it is necessary to understand here, is that the document has to have value added and that neither the digital is a replacement of the traditional impressions, neither the impresores traditional can  marginar to the digital world, pues is a complement of the graphic activity.

In where we are? Stop where go?

The aim of the industry of the national graphic communication to average term is to convert in leader of Latin America. In the actuality occupied the third place, after Brazil and Mexico. However, they have given  important steps in this direction.

The projection that handles the guild, is that for the 2032, the country will have importance in the export in the American continent. To attain this put, the industry will have to increase the offer of value added, incentivar the culture of export, reduce the informalidad and have a tin cooperation between the different companies that do part of the guild.

Taken of: Special Graphic Industry Magazine P&M 

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