The question is, that the arrival of the plate of hule or better said of elastomer to the market of Flexografía could change drastically the future of how produce digitally clichés/ plates of high quality and remove the positioning of the fotopolímero.

We know that the hule or elastomer use  from does long in the machines of impression offset by his good behaviour in the transfer of ink to the substrate, his high resistance to any type of ink and barniz and like this attaining tirajes long of impression.

The companies Contitech and Hell Gravure Systems presented during Drupe 2012 his new solution of Premium Flexo and Conti Laserline. It is a solution that gathers practically 3 parts:

  1. The Software that consists in RIP three-dimensional that allows to build points in 3D manipulating size of the point, his base, relief, flat point and undercut.
  2. The CTP with laser of optical fibre of high resolution and recorded direct until 5080dpi/ quality HD.
  3. The different plates of elastomer with variation in hardness and the sticky back included in the same plate.

Both companies are expert in his bouquet with a lot of years of experience in products of elastomer like the mantilla of offset and solutions of laser with recorded direct and for example in the area of broken recorded to materials in zinc, copper, steel and aluminium between others.

We analyse some more important advantages of the elastomer against fotopolímero:

Conclusion: The use of recorded direct with plate elastomer brings us several advantages, like maximum quality, repetition, register, tiraje long, savings in fuels, energy and human resources, all based in an environment pro ecological.