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The graphic industry of the country tries to raise the look in means of adversities after an initial fall of 15% because of the increase of the imports and the decrease in the utilisation of the capacity installed. Like this I confirm it the Executive president of the Colombian Association of the industry of the Graphic Communication (Andigraf), María Alexandra Gruesso.


In the dialogo with the New Century the leader commented that during the two first months of the year registered  a sensitive fall, however during March the panorama presented a considerable change.

The New Century: How I finish the sector during the first quarter of 2013?

Mara Alexandra Gruesso: in the first 2 months had a fall of the -15%. However, in March had a raise of -12,6%. In the sales had an important recovery and the sector had a growth of 8,6%.

In the different segments there was an important recovery in the level of advertising and commercial products, with a growth in the sales of 6,2% and in the production of 4%.

ENS: Which is the main obstacle in this moment?

MAG: The levels of capacity installed follow falling and are in the order of 47%. This means that we have a machinery that this with the capacity of utilisation still available and is quite high.

However, we see in this the opportunity to take part massively in performances so much private and public.

ENS: What means this for the sector?

MAG: That the utilisation of the capacity installed in this moment has diminished and this wants to say that we have a park of machinery stopped. This is a quite important impact for the sector and the trend is seeing  much more in editorials and books.

Of another side, have a growth of the import of products finished of books, what has represented for the industry a delicate subject because it touches the national production.

ENS: What so negative is this decrease?

MAG: Remember that it is a transversal indication for the others sectors, in the measure in that the industrial dynamics of them grow, however, have had an important recovery in products publicomerciales and in packagings and labels.

It fits resaltar that this trend has been positive, pues from the past year has not had fall. In products publicomerciales grew 4%.

ENS: How this Colombia in  comparison with other countries?

MAG: it is doing  A very big effort in purchasing technology and the quality of the Colombian investment is quite high and good.

I think that do not have at all that envy to the international producers.

ENS: How it is the sector in the country?

MAG. The trends to the shortage of the paper are carrying to that they create  new technologies for lecturabilidad. However, we are convinced that the paper can convivir the technological.

We have prepared three special segments. One focused to the publishing impressions, in which the trend comports to the generation of contents and to the specialisation of the type of impression of books, as it is the one of finishings.

Also they are  moving the biddings in front of the ministry of Culture and of Education in campaigns of lecturabilidad. Another aims to the production of advertising and commercial.

Another is the one of packagings and labels in which work  in the development of our technologies in packagings that allow to mark difference for subjects like the chemist.

We are incursionando in sectors like the fashion in clothes and footwear.

ENS: Which is the value added for the annual Assembly?

MAG: We have the expectation of the industrial sector and the participation of the providers has had good received for Andigrafica. They attract new technology and feel  identified by the new generation of services in value added.

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