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With the unavoidable arrive of the new technologies to the world of the industry of the communication grafica results as soon as obvious that the employers look for new models of business and new areas of investment, in accordance with the expert in matter of impression through the Flexografía, José Gabriel Coins, for the one who this type of technology is tied to one of the sectors that more is growing inside all the spectrum of businesses with big possibility of success: the packagings.

Nevertheless to that exist numerous systems of impression to work in the sector such as broken recorded, lithography, digital impression and even offset, perhaps the system than main advantages offers thanks to his versatilidad and lower costs of production is the one of the Flexografía, because of his tested exert and the capacity of convivir with the rest of systems.

Conceived to advance so many tirajes as it require , and an a lot lower price that the one of digital impression directed to a skilled market and of low volume, the Flexografía can be carried to it practises in an own intermediate market of countries like Colombia, in which the elaboración of the plate of plastic from which prints results much more economic and with a clarity in his definition guaranteeed from the very high standards that offers the possibility to design it in digital form.

With an equal definition or even better to which could offer the Offset thanks to the advance of the technology, the Flexografía registers important advances even in what has to see with the impression of products usually associated to another type of procedures like some types of newspapers that have decided to do the change based in reasons of quality and price, added to a lower complexity to the hour to operate a machinery that broadly is more delicate and costly.

“Although it is true that the irons of Offset are much cheaper that the ones of Flexografía, the costs finish adjusting in the rodaje due to the fact that when evaluating the total price of the production, the value of the iron finishes being of as soon as of 1%”, explains the expert, doing emphasis in the abysmal difference of prices that exists between one and another technician of impression, added to the innegable need of the Industry in having to begin to work of the hand with internet.

The paper will follow existing and continued being part of our lives, but also is a reality the fact that with the current rhythm of growth of the population, the alimentary industry will sue a proportionally increasing number of able packagings to resupply this demand in his owed form.

In fact it has foreseen that inside his field of action, in which include also the labels, the one of the packaging will be one of the sectors that more will grow comparatively to indexes like which still register for example periodic and magazines.

It results a fact that the opportunities for the graphic Industry will follow existing, corresponds to the employers know how and with which tools begin to consider new courses to distinguish of the competition.

Taken of the Special of Andigrafíca July of 2013


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