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We offer the added value to your packaging that your product needs, with labels that impact the client, with incomparable colors, textures, effects and quality.

The raw materials we use to make our labels are the most suited for food contact, and our adhesives withstand different kinds of temperature.

The labels are supplied in rolls, be it for automatic or manual pasting.


For these types of applications, we have materials such as: Gloss or semi-gloss couché paper, Matte paper, thermal transfer, transfer paper, thermal print film, polypropylene and polyethylene. In adhesives, we use P4, for multi-purpose application, P5 for frozen products, Special P1 for PP, PE, and PVC packaging, and Special PH adhesive for various packaging, especially HDPE.

For the liquor and beverages sector, we offer metallized papers suited for embossing, films with crystalline appearances such as transparent polypropylene with polyester backing, high-impacting visual films such as white and metallized polypropylene, which offer high added value to the final product.

Beverage bottles are exposed to varying temperatures and humidity from filling to consumer; the adhesives used in our processes are designed to maintain the expected quality and performance in the process.

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