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The product image in the cosmetics and cleaning sector is a decisive factor at the moment of a consumer making a purchase. It is because of this that we strive to offer images of incomparable quality that creates that decisive factor at the point of sale.

The labels are supplied in rolls, be it automatic or manual pasting.


For these sectors, we provide laminations with metallized paper and polypropylene film that guarantee excellent finishes on the labels, making it the perfect complement to give added value to the products that the lines demand; we use different kinds of adhesives, considering multiple options of use, and guarantee excellent performance.

For rigid packaging, we recommend white polypropylene, transparent, and metallized film, with P1 acrylic adhesive for optimal performance and adherence in PP, PE, and PVC packaging. For flexible packaging, we recommend white, transparent polypropylene film with P1 acrylic adhesive.


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