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ETIGRAF S.A. was founded in 1985 with the mission of designing, printing, and market self-adhesive labels. Its infrastructure began with a roll machine and a silk screen printing workshop.

It has been located in the Almacentro sector in  the city of Medellín since 1991. The company expands its product portfolio and services in 1992, adding flexographic printing machinery and marketing equipment and supplies for variable information system management.

Years later, the silk-screen printing process is relocated to another plant, an organizational restructuring takes place, and negotiations with the international market begin. In the year 2000, Sistevar Ltda is founded, with the goal of marketing the equipment and supplies for variable information systems technology.

We currently have a certified quality management system under the ISO 9001 norm, 2008 version, that has a positioning and recognition in the graphic arts sector, catering to commercial, industrial, and service markets, generating self-adhesive labels in different substrata, in conversion, printing, funding, and bar code lines. We also implement specialized techniques such as cold laminating, UV covering and double-sided printing, and also expand our market to other countries from our branch, located in the city of Miami.


To be recognized in the national market and compete in the North American market as label printers laminated packaging, and shrink wrap, all under the highest quality standards, aiming to build human relations with our allies and preserving the environment as a ground for sustainable development of our planet.

— Etigraf S.A.


ETIGRAF S.A gives solutions in label design and printing, laminated packaging and shrink wrap, effectively relaying the sensations that the clients wish to bring out in their products.

— Etigraf S.A.

Thanks to modern technology, its values and principles, accompanied by the effort of a great team, has been preserved and strengthened over time, with an entrepreneurial spirit, contributing to a commitment to accountability, fostering relations of coexistence and making our company a big family.

In the quality of life of its employees is reflected social work, contributing to the development of our department.

Besides its partners are also its customers and suppliers who have contributed to the continued growth and importance of Etigraf S.A., and during this time has left its mark on each of them and they are its reason for being.

Thanks to all its partners, for whom every day new achievements are obtained, thanks for the joy of belonging to this family, both for their professional contributions, as personal. Today we invite you to actively pursue efficiency and professionalism in the new challenges that the market offers us.

On 15 0ctober 2014 fulfilled its 29 years of existence Etigraf SA; his broad vision and tenacity have produced the fruits that are collected today.

Quality Policies

ETIGRAF S.A., produces optimum- quality self-adhesive labels and thermo-shrinkable bands with the commitment of:

Satisfying the agreed requirements of clients, under national and international norms.


Promoting the development of staff competence and continuous improvement culture.


Maintaining a dynamic infrastructure and technology in accordance with market trends.


Quality Goals

To Optimize the product and service quality of ETIGRAF S.A.


Improve client satisfaction.


Develop and strengthen staff competence.


Achieve effectiveness in corrective, preventive, and improvement activities within the quality management system.


Increase market participation.


All of this in order to guarantee effective and trustworthy solutions.

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